FAQ Q195: How can I determine when a resource is available?

Update: There's a new tutorial explaining this in detail: tutorial (How to tell Planyo when my resources are available for rental)

There are many possibilities for setting unavailability:
- Marking single periods as available or not: in the Schedule tab choose Availability. Here you have daily or monthly overview of all hours or days and you can set periods one by one as unavailable. The way it works is by adding vacations which you can also modify or remove on the Vacations page(see next point)
- Recurring or one-time vacations - in Resource settings choose Resource vacations from the action buttons. This will take you to the Vacations page where you can determine either one-time or recurring vacations (more here)
- Using Pricing Manager to set rules for unavailability - Pricing Manager has a possibility to not only set pricing based on a number of rules but can also be used to determine when a resource cannot be reserved. You can also specify a message which will be displayed to the clients explaining why reserving is not possible using specified settings.

For more information see the UNAVAILABILITY MESSAGE price type in Q181.

Please note that if you have an event-type resource, meaning that your event takes place only once or a few times (on specific dates determined by you), then you don't need to use the above methods to set unavailability. In resource settings simply change your resource type to event-type and define the dates/times when the event takes place. The customer will not be able to choose any other dates/times.
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