FAQ Q353: How to manually request a second payment from a customer after their reservation was modified with a price increase?

You can request a payment from a customer at any time and for any amount. The most convenient method is to go to the reservation details page and in the Messages section click on the Add new message button.

You can then explain the request to the customer in the email body and you'll also need to include the link to the payment for the desired amount by using tag: $(payment_form_url:...), e.g. $(payment_form_url:50) if you'd like to request a payment in the amount of 50.00.

In many cases you simply need the customer to pay the difference between the full price and the amount paid so far. In such case simply use the tag $(payment_form_url_outstanding) which will be replaced with the url of the payment page for the outstanding amount. See Q204 for all the tags related to payments.

Note that you can click preview before sending your email in order to verify if the tags were used correctly or if you want to test the payment url.

If you always want to request multiple payments (instalments), see Q273 for set-up instructions.
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