Extensión - STAAH integration

STAAH is a channel manager that allows you to open up your property to a wider online audience through over 200 supported distribution channels. This includes OTAs, GDSes and metasearches like Booking.com, Expedia, AirBnb, Agoda, TripAdvisor, Trivago, Sabre, Amadeus and many others.

Channel manager is a service that links your property management system (Planyo in this case) with multiple online distribution channels. Channel manager lets you automatically update rates, availability and reservations across multiple channels at once. This simplifies management of your property and significantly helps avoid the risk of overbookings.

With this extension you can integrate your STAAH account with your Planyo site. This allows you to synchronize availability between Planyo and STAAH as well as import into Planyo bookings made in the distributions channels connected to your STAAH account. This way, you can have access to all reservations in one place, whether they were received through STAAH or made directly in Planyo.

See Q318 in the FAQ for a detailed integration tutorial.

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CHF 9.9/mes
Accommodation package**
Comprar suscripción mensual a la extensión. La extensión está alojada en nuestros servidores de manera que no se requiere instalación. Esta es la manera más sencilla de usar la extensión.

El primer mes es siempre libre de cargo de manera que puedes probar la extensión. Después de los 30 días iniciales tu cuenta Planyo será facturada automáticamente por la cuota mensual hasta que canceles la suscripción para la extensión. Tu saldo de la cuenta debe ser positivo para comenzar el mes de prueba.

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** - When you use multiple extensions from our accommodation package you will not be charged for them more then CHF 15 / month in total.