Extensión - Quotation maker

The quotation maker is very useful if you often create quotations / price offers for your customers.

The process starts with a search box where you enter the dates, search type (exact dates, flexible dates or inclusion of unavailable resources) and optionally other search criteria (number of persons or any other custom resource properties). You can also enter the customer's personal details for the quotation and for your reference.

In the next step you can include/exclude any resource found in the search, you can override the default price, and also add custom notes to any resource.

In the last step you're presented with a WYSIWYG editor with the offer generated for you based on your own templates (which you configure during the setup). You can now freely edit the offer to introduce any last changes and download it as PDF.

At any time in the future you can access the saved offers, download them again with new changes, and even use direct booking links to quickly make a reservation when the customer makes the final decision. Note that you can also include direct booking links into the PDF for your customer.

Comprar como suscripciónCondiciones de compra
CHF 15/mesComprar suscripción mensual a la extensión. La extensión está alojada en nuestros servidores de manera que no se requiere instalación. Esta es la manera más sencilla de usar la extensión.

El primer mes es siempre libre de cargo de manera que puedes probar la extensión. Después de los 30 días iniciales tu cuenta Planyo será facturada automáticamente por la cuota mensual hasta que canceles la suscripción para la extensión. Tu saldo de la cuenta debe ser positivo para comenzar el mes de prueba.

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