Planyo online reservation system - Typo3 plugin

Planyo is a flexible online reservation/booking system for hotels, holiday apartments, B&B, boat rentals etc.
If you would like to use the Planyo system, you need to have a Planyo account first. You can create one by signing up. All accounts are free and with no obligation for the first 30 days so you can thoroughly test the system!
After signing up, create your Planyo site. On the help page you will find many materials, including video tutorials, that will guide you through the process of creating an online reservation site and adding rooms, boats and other types of resources.
Download the plugin here Registrar Precios

The Planyo plugin

This plugin allows you to embed the Planyo reservation form on your web site. This way, your clients will stay on your web site throughout the whole reservation process.
You can find more information about the integration process at your Planyo account. Once logged in, go to the Settings section and choose the Integrate with your site button at the bottom of the page.
Note: if you don't mind that your clients will be redirected to to make a reservation, you don't need to use this plugin at all.
First upload and install the Planyo plugin (available here) in your Typo3 system. You can do this in ADMIN TOOLS / Extension Manager. Once in Extension Manager, change the mode on top of the screen to import extensions.
Next, go to the page where you want to insert the plugin. Click the New Content icon to add a new element.
In the Select Type of Content Element section, choose Plugins / General Plugin. Then, in Select Position, choose a location of the element on the page.
Go to the Plugin tab and select Planyo reservation form from the drop-down list.
Next, choose the Plugin tab again to view available properties.
Change Planyo site ID to your site's ID (you can find your site ID in the Settings section of the Planyo backend). Please see this FAQ question for the detailed explanation of all other parameters.

Once you are finished setting up the options, save the page and open its preview.